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Golf | Sports Medicine | Bonita Springs FL

We provide sport specific programs tailored to help you improve your game. We address muscle groups most used and affected in sports such as golf, tennis, and softball. Our programs incorporate core strength, flexibility, and balance, which are elements essential to all sports. While these programs are certainly beneficial following an injury, they are also highly effective for injury prevention.

Our therapists at Absolute Physical Therapy are trained in a variety of taping techniques that can provide support, reduce pain and inflammation, and relax overused muscles. These techniques include both athletic taping and kinesio taping. We can apply the tape and provide instruction in self-taping.

Sports Enhancement Programs

Absolute’s trained staff can also develop a sports enhancement program designed to increase your overall performance. Southwest Florida offers many excellent recreational activities, and our residents seem to enjoy golf and tennis especially. Here at Absolute Physical Therapy, we treat a number of golf and tennis enthusiasts following sport-related injury or ailment.

Our experience with our patients has led us to seek a more proactive approach to preventing sports-related injuries, while also enhancing performance and enjoyment in sport participation. We are now pleased to offer golf and tennis sport-specific conditioning programs.

Tennis Specific Conditioning:
  • Tennis can be very hard on the body, as the dominant side typically carries out the stroke. As a result, the dominant side will incur short, tight muscles and the non dominant side may become weak from unbalanced activity
  • Tennis conditioning focuses on correcting abdominal and core strength imbalances and enhancing shoulder strength and power.

Golf Specific Conditioning
  • Golf, similar to tennis, may result in overuse to the dominant side of the body.
  • Balance and core strength will enhance the distance of your drives.
  • Golf conditioning focuses on specific upper body exercises that will provide the shoulder complex the mobility necessary for swinging with greater ease.

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