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Physical therapy has many benefits. Increased muscle strength and endurance, decreased pain and inflammation, and education on health and wellness are just a few of the advantages that Physical therapy has to offer.

Therapists at Absolute Physical Therapy believe that you should include physical therapy in your healthy lifestyle. A comprehensive Neuromuscular Evaluation would be a great way to start. With this, we can help you determine your specific needs and goals for your health and wellness. These evaluations are great tools to check overall muscle strength and endurance, confront any postural issues, or deal with persistent pain. Our therapists recommend you do this at least one time a year.

Absolute Physical Therapy is proud to offer individualized exercises programs for those looking to better their overall health and well being, or to improve sports performance. Our therapists can provide a comprehensive Neuromuscular Evaluation to help determine your specific needs and goals related to your physical health, personal exercise instruction, hands-on physical therapy, and independent supervised exercise sessions.

        Services Offered

  • Physical Therapy & Exercise Services
    Gait Training
    Aquatic Therapy
    Vertigo Rehabilitation/BPPV Treatment
    Personal Training
  • Absolute Care Specialty Service
    Myofascial Release
    Women’s Health
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation Services
    Physical Therapy Evaluation
    Neuromuscular Preventative Evaluation and Holistic Wellness Program Development
    Vestibular (Vertigo) Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Modalities
    Ice/Hot Pack
    Interferential Electrical Stimulation
    Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
    Mechanical Traction
  • Specialty Package
    10 sessions- One-on-one individual treatment sessions focusing on injured body part AND holistic treatment program focusing on YOUR optimal total body health. Purchase 9 sessions and receive the 10th for free.

Sports Enhancement Programs

Absolute’s trained staff can also develop a sports enhancement program designed to increase your overall performance. Southwest Florida offers many excellent recreational activities, and our residents seem to enjoy golf and tennis especially. Here at Absolute Physical Therapy, we treat a number of golf and tennis enthusiasts following sport-related injury or ailment.

Our experience with our patients has led us to seek a more proactive approach to preventing sports-related injuries, while also enhancing performance and enjoyment in sport participation. We are now pleased to offer golf and tennis sport-specific conditioning programs.

Tennis Specific Conditioning:
  • Tennis can be very hard on the body, as the dominant side typically carries out the stroke. As a result, the dominant side will incur short, tight muscles and the non dominant side may become weak from unbalanced activity
  • Tennis conditioning focuses on correcting abdominal and core strength imbalances and enhancing shoulder strength and power.

Golf Specific Conditioning
  • Golf, similar to tennis, may result in overuse to the dominant side of the body.
  • Balance and core strength will enhance the distance of your drives.
  • Golf conditioning focuses on specific upper body exercises that will provide the shoulder complex the mobility necessary for swinging with greater ease.